Hello, and welcome to my blog on renewable energy.

The last 10 years have been a wild ride for the energy industry around the globe. Hardly a day goes by where a record isn’t broken for new build, or production. The technology landscape has changed dramatically; politics has had some big wins and false starts; big players have become shells of their former selves, while a whole ecosystem of start-ups have come rushing onto the scene as big data, block chain, distributed energy, batteries etc have all but eroded the large moats the former incumbents (with quite some hubris) believed they could maintain.

The reality is, no-one knows where things are headed in the coming years, In this blog I hope to make sense of what’s going on, and to give what may be an alternative view from the inside on what may happen in the coming years (from my limited point of view).

One might think the renewables business is booming right now. In a sense you’d be right for thinking that. For a lot of players in the market they it couldn’t be further from the truth; in fact we’re heading into the most uncertain period in the history of energy production.

Boring? Nope. At least I’ll try not to be. Energy is the ultimate transferable product. Shame you can’t bottle it very well (yet). Energy is what’s going to get us from here to where we’re going. How we get there, and even where that might be, are huge questions. But we can’t and won’t get there without work done over time (spot the lame physics joke).

Still wondering why energy? No one has said it better than Bill Gates.